Re-Locate Design

         Re-Locate Design Fair, an integration of design and manufacture.

      Re-Locate Design Fair, a concurrent event of 41st International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan), is going to act as the bridge between design, sales and manufacture. Re-Locate Design Fair represent the strategy that 3F is exploring the model of “Design + Manufacture”.


      “Art+Maison” an art collection of 4 outstanding artists and designers, which is presented as a museum, and represent a harmonious blend of public art and home design.

Renovation Design Zone

      Renovation Design Zone, a combination of designs and manufactures from 10 independent designers, Famous Designers Association and 7 designer brands.

Ten Independent Designers

Famous Designers Association
Artship Design Store

      Artship Design Store makes its debut in professional furniture fair, in which introduce MoMA Design Store into China, and feature the latest trend of art and products.


Integrated soft decor design showroom


Making Laboratory

New materials and technology

Individual Design Show

A collection of NOORD, BOPO, Grado, Femo, TAN, Xiao Tianyu, and Kefei Design

New Color Trends Show

International Trend of Home Decoration Color
Design Forum


Design Consumption Forum 2019