IF Italian Living Hall
Throughout the world's top high-end Furniture brands, Italian furniture is very important.
Italian furniture is synonymous with top luxury, just like French perfume, Swiss watch.
The Italian furniture looks like simple, but it is get the whole world’s attention.

IF came to Dongguan with Italian Furniture

"IF Italian Living Hall" will open on August 11 in the 40th famous furniture exhibition. It will bring a revolutionary wave of furniture.
Authentic Italian lifestyle

“IF Italian Living Hall” is located in Famous Furnishings Expo Park, Houjie, Dongguan. It is a Italian imported high-end furniture living experience hall which is operated by Tyh Brand Management Co., Ltd. It aims to show the trendiest design, the most exquisite craft, the best material and the most fashionable lifestyle.
At present, “IF Italian Living hall” contains: VILLUSSO, Rugiano, SAVIO FIRMINO, Tonino Lamborghini, ASTON MARTIN, DOM edizioni, LONGHI, SHAKE, ALEXANDRA, TONON, i4MARIANI, Euromobili, Giellesse, Artiler, DOM italia, Zalf, Casa comoda , Ditre, Midj, Ingenia, Eforma, Noctis and other excellent Italian furniture brands. It covers fashion, entry luxury, modern and other current most fashionable furniture styles and includes all aspects of furniture.

The professional Italian design team is committed to providing one-stop integrated furniture services such as hard decoration, soft decoration and furnishings. Moreover, you can live directly.    “IF Italian Living Hall” can bring international space creative design and lifestyle experience to you.
Italian Entry Luxury: Rugiano

Style&Elegance   Comfort&Fashion

RUGIANO perfectly interprets the art of iron. Laser engraving and forging technology is the uniqueness of RUGIANO. Its carvings are exquisite and classical, making the space extremely luxurious.

RUGIANO’s furniture has a graceful aesthetic perception. The individual character that shows a kind of original beauty.

The furniture of RUGIANO all has artistic charm. It brings the comfortable experience and luxurious enjoyment of Italian noble life to you. It's the eternal art of furniture.
Italian Entry Luxury: VILLUSSO

original view of nobility

VILLUSSO inherits and develops the characteristics of Italian royal furniture. The noble and simple style symbolizes the exalted status of the host.

Since it found, VILLUSSO has brought leather furniture to a new level by combine it with metal and ebony. With its fashionable style and timeless pursuit of quality, VILLUSSO has become modern and luxurious.

Based on valuable experience, VILLUSSO forms four main series. It presented in charming conception and style. It has perfect balance between classical and modern.
At present, “IF Italian Living Hall” is operated by Tyh Brand Management Co., Ltd. When the operation is mature, phase ii and phase iii will be extended to other floors of the Expo Park. The total area is estimated to be 10,000m2.


According to Tyh, “IF Italian Living Hall” is the extension of "exhibition + independent shop" block. “IF Italian Living Hall” not only open in Hall 9, It will also enter in large independent brand store. According to professional exhibition and annual exhibition to display, attract investment and sale, we achieve the integration of exhibition and trade. Through the platform of Famous furniture Fair, the Chinese market will have a better understanding and feeling of Italian furniture’s purest quality.
“IF Italian Living Hall” look forward to your arrival.