Explore the secrets of "home" in exhibition

 International metropolis just like a grand stage,
all the focus gather at where the flash bulb is illuminated.
Audience only can see the magnificent landscape.
Who cares where the light can’t be found.
---《Dwelling Narrowness》
Everyone yearns for the life in metropolis, but when you away from the spotlight, you may feel lonely. You start to dream of a place where you can relax.



A group of people, standing at the high-rise building, overlooking city’s crowded. They try to do something about it. They dream of create MINI garden residence style in Dongguan in August.

From August 11 to 14, 2018, the 40th international famous furniture (Dongguan) exhibition will be held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. “MINI Garden” has strong return in hall 1. Through this theme, you can find the Utopia in this crowded city. Let’s explore the secret of “MINI Garden”.

Four grey structures which suspend at the entrance are represented the modern technology. The green paster immit a little bit warmth in modern life. Actually, the green and grey is the contradictory portrayal of urbanite to living environment.


In view of the particularity and complexity, we have designed three different buildings.
The first one is for three generations live in one house. It’s about 93m2.
The second one is for a couple. It’s about 45m2.

The third one is for single. It’s about 45m2.
The three types of house are well-arranged in our exhibition hall.

      There are 3 types of A, 9 types of B and 8 types of C in the exhibition area. The three kinds of "houses" are distributed in wrong order in the whole hall, which gives people a visual effect of high and low dislocation and lively, and makes the whole exhibition show a flexible and rich sense level.
      The "house" is designed as a semi-open space, which becomes a window between indoor and outdoor, so that people living in the city can enjoy the fun of nature and visitors can experience a triune and comfortable life. 

     In the 20 "house" (MINI box) of "small community", living room, dining-room, bedroom, kitchen and other different furnishings combined into a variety of units. Its indoor solid loading, custom-made and soft decoration are 1-1 docking by the designers from Shangceng Design Group and 20 outstanding furniture brands selected by Dongguan 3F from all over the country. According to brand style, designers make a complete plan.

These "houses"(MINI box) are made of recycled materials, such as floor slabs, OSB, FRP, which reflect the concept of "green, environmental protection and sustainable development" and fit in with "MINI garden".
The building will return to its essence and become a living space. These modernistic elements make space express itself, and make people find the sense of space and time in contemporary era. This is not return to tradition, but an expression based on contemporary era and emotional appeal of urbanites.
MINI Garden will Show you a new Utopia.
Let's wait and see MINI Garden in August.