38th Exhibition


Famous Furniture Fair is

-The ONLY furniture exhibition that serves as intellectual property protection showcase in China

-The ONLY furniture exhibition receiving special support from China’s Ministry of Commerce

-The FIRST professional furniture fair to have been accredited by the Union of International Fairs (UFI)

-The trade fair of CHOICE for more than 80% of well-known furniture brands in China!

-Considered the BEST purchasing platform for more than 120,000 professional merchandizers from more than 150 countries!

-A MUST-SEE trade fair for global furniture sales agents!

With its emphasis on both export and domestic sales, Famous Furniture Fair allows furniture enterprises to raise their level of competitiveness. The 33rd edition of the Famous Furniture Fair encompassed exhibitions of Machinery and Materials, Home Furnishings and Rosewood Furniture. The organizing committee introduced a 30,000m2 exhibition hall dedicated to exporters while enlarging the exhibition space for the rosewood furniture exhibition to 65,000 m2, representing the two highlights of the event.

The Famous Furniture Fair is noted for its customized service, which has successfully retained the loyalty of many long-time exhibitors. The fair keeps up with the current trends of the industry and strives to facilitate communication between furniture manufacturers, while at the same time encourages new cooperation in the areas of design, technology, materials and artistry, and thus helps promote the development of the industry in general.

Join the ranks of famous furniture and choose the best way to enter the global market!


Gigantic Scale

The last edition of the Famous Furniture Fair was held at the newly inaugurated 3G Exhibition Hall, with nine exhibition platforms encompassing 770,000 m2 of space including the Famous Furnishings Expo Park (Hall 9) and Xinye Home Furnishings Center. Over 1300 exhibitors from over 20 provinces and regions in China as well as industry professionals from the United States, Singapore, Italy, Malaysia and Turkey took part, representing over 80% of well-known brands in the market as well as almost 10,000 overseas buyers, thus cementing the reputation of Famous Furniture Fair as the top furniture exhibition in China.

More Brands

With over 1000 exhibitors comprising well-established manufacturers from overseas and China and encompassing well over 80% of well-known brands from the Greater China region and dozens of top international furniture brands, the Famous Furniture Fair allows exhibitors to display their products in specially designed booths that showcase the highest quality standards of Chinese furniture making.

Greater Publicity

Famous Furniture Fair organizer continually advertises in 23 professional magazines in Italy, Germany, the Middle East, Singapore, Japan, Korea, the United States, France, Russia, etc., as well as in exhibition guides published by important international furniture shows. In China, over 20 mainstream and over 40 professional media outlets as well as a few dozen internet media provide coverage of the Famous Furniture Fair. In addition, we visit top furniture fairs around the world to promote the Famous Furniture Fair in person and distribute news about our event via Chinese companies overseas, and in the process have established ourselves as the preeminent event of its kind in China.

More Buyers

Famous Furniture Fair attracts over 100,000 visitors from over 150 countries around the world, of which over 10,000 are overseas buyers. During the event, our exhibition halls are packed with eager guests. These professional buyers each spend an average of 2.6 days at the exhibition.

Better Service

With our service motto being “Offering superior service that puts people first,” Famous Furniture Fair continuously improves upon its facilities and raises the quality of its customer service. In the areas of transportation, lodging, safety and exhibition hall decoration, we consider every need and requirement of exhibitors. We aim to provide a world-class platform for exchange between exhibitors and visitors.

Convenient Hospitality

There are almost one hundred hotels of various scales within a 20-minute drive from the exhibition hall. Among them, there are over 20 5-star hotels offering more than 5000 rooms, all within a 30-minute drive, and an additional 15,000 3-star hotel rooms. All hotels are within a one-hour drive from Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and can satisfy the hospitality needs of any large-scale international exhibition.

Influential Event

Famous Furniture Fair was accredited by the Union of International Fairs (UFI) in June, 2005, enabling it to join the ranks of top quality international exhibitions. It was among the list of key exhibitions to be supported by China’s Ministry of Commerce in 2005, and the only exhibition to be accorded this distinction in Guangdong province as well as the only furniture exhibition in China to be included in the list.

Famous Furniture Fair has always maintained close cooperation with the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C., which attests to its emphasis on the protection of intellectual property. It is the only exhibition to be recognized as an intellectual property protection showcase in China. In addition, the China Dongguan (furniture) Fast-Track Intellectual Property Protection Support Centre, the only bureau of its kind in the country, was set up in Houjie Town in Dongguan in 2014.