CBD FURNITURE Participated In China Investment BBS In 2017

From: CBD Furniture


Focus on”China investment BBS in 2017″,CBD FURNITURE will accelerate the brand internationalization strategy.

China investment BBS in 20175

China investment BBS in 20171

On July 18,2017,China Investment BBS,hosted by the International Cooperation Center of the NDRC. Hosts Czech President,National leaders Yunshan Liu,VIP guests Vice President of Bulagria,CBD FURNITURE’s Chairwoman Ms Yuanchao Yang who was invited with 800 Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs,sharing their experience,at the presidential palace of Czech republic.

China investment BBS in 20172

China investment BBS in 20173

When in the process of internationalization,CBD FURNTURE has established a deep cooperating relationship with the top global enterprises in the EU.

China investment BBS in 20174

“China investment BBS in 2017” increasing the cooperation opportunities between China and Europe,which has high-end talents,trend ideas and cooperating opportunities in a number of important areas.

With the chance of communication between China and Europe, CBD FURNITURE will continue to broaden the international market,to maintain communication with the world first-class enterprises and become a international brand that are highly recognized by the customers from all over the world.