3F – IdeAction



[Milan, Italy] On April 7th, 2017, International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan) Organizing Committee held the first “3F – IdeAction” Designer Meeting in Milan, Italy, embracing more than 150 well-known European designers and top Chinese furniture businessmen. This is a transnational event in order to share design concepts & ideas among professionals from different background & culture, and to seek possible corporation opportunities between designer & designer, designer and producer. Jacky Fang, Richard Hutten, Ilkka Suppanen, Sandro Santantonio, David Lin gave a speech on the event and had communication with Chinese furniture businessmen during the gala dinner.



Jacky Fang

Mr. Jacky Fang, the General Manager of International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan) Organizing Committee, unveiled the new move and highlights of the 2017 August 3F fair. China International Custom-made Furnishing Fair and the IF Italian Furniture Pavilion will be on the stage on the August fair. Fang said China not only takes an important role in the furniture manufacture of the world, but also has large market share in the furniture industry and it keeps developing. He believed the best way to know the furniture market is to visit Dongguan 3F Fair.


Richard Hutten

Mr. Richard Hutten, the art director of Gispen & a key exponent of “Droog Design” which makes him one of the main founders of the famous Dutch Design movement. Mr. Hutten shared his idea about furniture trend. He indicated that the most important trends of this moment are Designs by famous designers from the past or present, sustainable design and luxurious sustainable materials.


Ilkka Suppanen

Mr. Ilkka Suppanen, one of the founders of Snowcrash Design, an art professor of University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Chairman of the board of the International Alvar Aalto Design Seminar in 2007, pointed out the different elements dictating a new trend: global megatrends, economic situation and culture &culture tradition. He said these three factors result in the conglomerate that ultimately dictates the new trend and its specific design.


Sandro Santantonio

Mr. Sandro Santantonio, the founder of Sandro Santantonio Design (SSD) from Italy, explained the deep meaning of furniture design. He believed that every time when customers buy a piece of design, they not only paid an object but received a gift, a dream, a time of fun and also added a piece to his/her world. And he believed design is the expression of our every gesture.


David Lin

Mr. David Lin, Chief Representative for China of America S.T.I.D.GROUP and Professional Member of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) also shared his opinion about aesthetics of life. He indicated that the meaning of life is enjoying the life. Designers need to understand the life by watching, Smelling, Hearing, Tasting, Touching and Feeling, so they could impress people.



“3F – IdeAction” Designer Meeting in Milan is the first stop of Dongguan 3F’s worldwide designer meeting trip. As a furniture exhibiting and business platform, Dongguan 3F helps build strong connection among producers, designers and the market. International cooperation is now the topic in the industry. “3F-IdeAction” trip is specially organized to better response to and make good use of this trend. “3F-IdeAction” trip will move on and be presented to more counties.