International Famous Furniture Machinery & Material Fair

In order to fully represent one of the key components of the furniture manufacturing production chain, the Organizing Committee has inaugurated the International Famous Furniture Machinery & Material Fair (IFM), which serves as an exhibition platform for machinery and raw material enterprises and is the only exhibition of its kind in China. Famous Furniture Fair attracts over 1000 furniture manufacturers in China and around the world to exhibit their products as well as over 120,000 professional buyers from more than 150 countries, among whom 10,000 are overseas buyers. These visitors provide the customer base for the concurrent International Famous Furniture Machinery & Material Fair. As the most important furniture manufacturing center in China, the Pearl River Delta contains over 6000 furniture manufacturing enterprises, representing 40% of furniture production output in the country and making it China’s largest market for machinery and raw materials. With its superior manufacturing capacity, Pearl River Delta offers huge potential for the manufacturing and materials market.

Ever since its relocation to Exhibition Hall 8, IFM has become the most established and top-rated machinery and parts exhibition in the South China region. Occurring concurrently with Famous Furniture Fair, IFM is an instrumental force in raising the standards of the furniture manufacturing industry and contributes to its continual development.

During the exhibition, in addition to the original shuttle bus routes, the organizing committee will provide additional bus routes between Exhibition Hall 8 and Guangzhou as well as other locations with potential buyers so that they can visit the exhibition in the most convenient and efficient way.

Choose IFM and join the fast track towards entering the market!


Products Exhibited

Woodworking Machinery: Woodworking machinery, coating equipment, packaging equipment, tools, milling and cutting tools, etc.

Building Materials: Sheet wood, lumber, veneer, sticker, wood flooring, glass, building stone, metal, leather, fabric, plastic film, sewing machine, sponge, plastic, home textiles, bedding, paint, coating material, adhesive, cleaning agent, handle, railing, sofa legs, locks, connective parts, decorations, etc.