Go Green, Go Creative



With the concern in environmental problem, more and more companies are considering this factor when designing their products. VLAIRE is one of them, blending in a lot of creativity. What is the most amazing part is that all their designs are 100% recyclable.




What might this look to you when you first see this design? Perhaps a Christmas Tree? In fact, this is a wine rack. It provides maximum multiplicity in the structure. This alien highlights the smart solution in forms to be used in every kind of spaces. Each time is changing and becoming useful object of furniture. They are also using recyclable material to make the entire design.




This table copes with different materials as to increase the texture of the entire design. It is also stimulating and revolutionary furniture in the evacuation of organicist forms and natural images. The utility is united to elements of innovation; structural parts develop personal lines and curves of support.


Mr. Hector


The company also design table lamp with straight and simple design which obvious aesthetic references to the 60s. Sought in his cut – VT lamp – thanks to multiple overlapping layers of cardboard closed by slabs of pexiglass and brass studs, it becomes furniture. A hemisphere completes the object, making it the only catalyst of the surrounding space. There is a very series of lamp including different materials as to satisfy the need of different customers. The one below is a breakthrough for the stereotype of lamp as it goes soft. It is a piece collaborated with SLALOM, a leader company in acoustic and partition systems.








VLAIRE was able to invent a new way of conceiving design. They born from passion and research of new forms, creating, customizing, modifying in agreement with simple, light and strong structures. Their tip material: corrugated cardboard combined with other materials, from pexiglass to metal. They aim to provide a smart solution to freely inspire and furnish homes and beyond.

If you want to know more details about the company, please visit their homepage: http://www.vlaire.com/product/dominoes/