Western-style decoration is different from the Chinese one in different ways. Some people like the Chinese classical style while some people adore the relaxation and comfort in the Western style. If I like both, what can I do?

Fortunately, it has been a trend for different industries to mix and match different features in the two cultures and the furniture industry is of no exception.




The selection of ceiling crystal chandeliers, dark wood coffee table, a sofa chair of a slight Chinese flavor, TV cabinet shareholders collection is simple and grand and practical and comfortable at the same time. This inadvertently forms a relaxed and comfortable elegance atmosphere.




Living room with the tone of mature walnut color and the calming noble gray reveal the understated elegance of the owner with the serene dark green and passionate gold.




The dining room can best reflect the owner’s lifestyle and attitude to life, so this space, in addition to the shape of the furniture to be dignified atmosphere, but is also excellence in details.




The kitchen is decorated with a large area of walnut color which is both harmony and unity.




The study is themed with “tea culture”, by connecting the tea room and the study.




The bedroom is a place for spiritual recovery, creating a cozy charm of the environment is very important. The elegant furniture color highlights both the quietness and comfort of the bedrooms atmosphere; while wood, silk brocade, matte metal and other materials enhance the sense of space quality and highlights the elegant, noble, luxurious lifestyle.