57㎡ Of Warm, Minimalist Japanese-style Woodwork Home



What is happiness?

Some people say that happiness is to live in a villa every day with a nanny tidying up everything and live a comfortable and luxurious life.

Some people say that happiness is not how big your house is, but how sweet your family is.

Some people say that happiness is not how many house you have , but a “home”.


House carries the vision of the future of life and longing of a family, the house furnishing can reflect the intentions of the owner towards the home, letting their families to enjoy all of these freely. This makes it exceptionally warm and satisfied.

Home, does not require complicity, a simple and elegant house can also bring comfort, cleanliness and plain joy to a home .




This 57㎡ home with natural fresh Japanese- oriented style , aimed at revealing a natural , elegant and comfortable atmosphere of culture and an exquisite art of living environment.




Overall color tone of the space is in natural wood color, which is visually soft, matching with fresh green, which can make the space look more natural and vibrant.





A large area of ​​natural cotton material with fine wood color, simple lines, a little green brings a touch of nature into the house. Together with the wooden shades of color, the unique modern style and characteristics of the taste can be shown.





Well- placed Japanese-style decoration build up a room with a combination of Zen, leisure, comfort, nature and exoticism.




Harmonization of the entire space can show good independence and integration in different spaces. One can touch the details with one’s sense and feel the nature with one’s eyes.




In different region, there is a uniform color and shape, depending on the various function of the area in order to meet the basic requirement of the home. This reflects the owner’s unique taste and his pursuit of an exquisite quality of life and art.