What would you think about when you think of fungi, cute little mushroom or weird little thing?




Would you ever imagine it can be related to furniture? Alcarol will freshen you up.


The Fungi Collection from Alcarol is all about that.

Fungi are in the air. They just await the opportunity to take advantage of the right conditions to grow and transform the organic matter. Wood decay fungi is always unique. No two pieces are exactly the same because there’s precise time, place and environmental conditions for its genesis.



(Fungi Stool@ Fungi Collection)


In this collection, this uniqueness is applied on the design of the furniture by Alcarol. Due to their appreciation of the nature, they sometimes use dead wood instead of chopping down living tree and this Fungi Stool is dead apple wood with its nature populations of fungi.

There are also other designs for the Fungi Collection such as the Fungi Table, Fungi Screen and the Fungo Console.





(Fungi Table, Fungi Screen and the Fungo Console)


Apart from the special design that unifies with the furniture without purposely making it into the furniture. They would also like to enlighten you with different phrases for every collection. For example, they quote Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier “In Nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” They try to express the most abstract philosophic idea in their design.

The company also offers other collections including Bricola, Marble Ways, Undergrowth, Dolomyth and so on. They all implement different features of nature in their design.




About Alcarol




The company is started by Andrea Forti and Eleonora Dal Farra. They research and focus on the story and intrinsic features of the environment and physical substances, combining handed-down experience of raw materials processing with avant-garde and innovative techniques.

All environmental traces on the materials are thoroughly studied to discover a specific Genius Loci. In classical mythology, the Latin term Genius Loci refers to a protective spirit attached to a place, a guardian who watches over its part of the world and imbues it with a special character. In a modern context, alcarol seek to identify the spirit and the essence of a place to obtain an unordinary understanding.

Alcarol is located halfway between the Venice Lagoon and the nearby Dolomite Unesco World Heritage mountains, and its pieces aim to capture some unusual atmospheres of these unique lands, often by freezing time at the end of the material’s life cycle, thereby giving it a new life. To this end, alcarol employs experimental processes using invisible or transparent substances to preserve natural materials exactly as they appear in their original habitat, and making them functional as unique design pieces.