A recent in-depth reports online “Daily Economic News” nearly 5,000 words , suddenly spread throughout the furniture industry , the furniture industry in China present the truth in the end is what ? A lot of people see the news are talking about small businesses going bankrupt , closures and the like is formed , furniture stores livelihood difficult , only large enterprises in large-scale development . But in fact, the truth is that China’s furniture industry : furniture industry overall situation is healthy, strong vitality of SMEs , although the closure of many companies , but also a lot of newly created enterprises .

Furniture business survival of the fittest

Many business failures , at the same time , the newly established companies are numerous. Many export enterprises invested heavily to develop the domestic market ; there do project customization is itching to enter the finished furniture market ; do e-commerce have made ​​money to enter the market , physical market the line . A home is widespread ” aircraft carrier ” Enterprise depression , almost no attention to the industry . If it is not a micro-channel hype out a ” shaking ” big news , people do not even know it had fallen into the dilemma.

Chinese furniture industry few giants, furniture manufacturing enterprises New and collapse , do not have as earth-shattering event . They simply can not be considered indicators of significance with industry . Far furniture manufacturing sector, on the whole fairly normal , orderly , competitive and far less cruel degree appliances , mobile phones and other highly industrialized sectors.

Dealer reduce operating difficulty

Recent auto strike , with the owners rent theory requires drop even fight news , the public saw no less . But the new stores recession , with dealers clashed thing can be said of the old story . New realistic version of the story , as a lively look no problem, if the evidence overall decline as furniture retailing , it may be a little smoke and mirrors of .

Indeed seller profits decline, but not to the end of its tether . Good stores still creating profits for sellers , if all aspects of the new stores in good condition , still have dealers settled.

Those inexperienced , want to risk a small investment income of large dealers, stores, ” pit” living thing , not only now occur frequently is , the future will occur frequently . After all, the retail furniture industry profits , has long been a fancy private investment from various quarters . Such investment failure caused by a dispute will still be staged again in the future . In fact, with many manufacturing companies to strengthen sales management, the introduction of standardized operation mechanism, many dealers operating difficulty not only did not increase, but is reduced. This is part one of the few dealers , but represent an upward trend.

Furniture stores did not reduce

Marketplace also differentiate into . Domestic chain store giants did not stop the pace of expansion , the original store operating mechanism has also been changed. For example open more high-end stores, such as encouraging open large stores , independent stores , such as stores use their own resources to help backward dealers increase sales.

Of course , the overall transformation of the store is also unusual. Surplus stores is the fact that absolute terms , the majority of vendors also operate hard facts , but this is a highly competitive era , which line and better furniture industry ? In the Chinese stores in collective dealers seem to complain operating pressure huge , while foreign investment in China IKEA continually conquer new territories , and constantly open stores, originally belonged to squeeze the retailer’s market share.

IKEA went, huge volume , customer clouds , lucrative , seems invincible . The fact that you ‘d say : China ‘s furniture store is really more, or less?

In short , China ‘s furniture industry practitioners do not have to be discouraged , do not be another round , it seems there is no end of ” closures” intimidated , as if their own do not have to make progress, drift excuse , it is even more special is a big mistake wrong , misguided . Determine the characteristics of journalism media always need to attract the eye of the text, and senior industry professionals always have their own minds and adhere to .

The truth of the furniture industry in the end is what ? Truth is, everything is normal , healthy development of China’s furniture industry is significant .