EU furniture exports accounted for a small share of total EU trade, but this part of the market share in its relations with European furniture manufacturers are getting closer. During the recession, European furniture manufacturers pay more attention to other countries to enhance their competitive furniture manufacturers, especially from Chinese manufacturers. Given the low spending power of the local market in Europe, European furniture companies have to seek opportunities to enhance its sales in other parts of the world.

Positive outward expansion strategy makes sustainable growth over the past five years, EU exports of wooden furniture. In 2014, exports to the EU 28 countries to North America (+ 15%, to 1.48 billion euros), China (+ 17%, amounting to 570 million euros), Middle East (+ 3%, to 900 million euros) and Africa (+ 11%, amounting to 520 million euros ) the total amount of wooden furniture on the rise. Nevertheless, export growth did not offset these exports to the EU of the CIS (CIS) to reduce the total area (-9%, fell to 1.46 billion euros). EU exports to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region total wooden furniture decline was mainly attributable to Russia’s economic contraction caused by the conflict in Ukraine leading sales market downturn, as well as crude oil prices continued to decline in Russia and other factors.

EU wooden furniture export growth was mainly affected Italy, Poland and German furniture manufacturer’s driver . 2014 Preliminary statistics indicate that Italy ( + 4% , to 5.25 billion euros ) , Poland ( + 12% , reaching 4.14 billion euros ) and Germany ( + 2% , to 4.12 billion euros ) Wooden furniture exports (including intra-EU trade ) the rise. Last year, Poland surpass Germany to become Europe’s second largest exporter of wooden furniture . Over the past five years, Lithuania , Romania, Spain and Portugal ‘s total exports rose sharply wooden furniture . However , Sweden and France, while exports declined. In addition, the Danish wooden furniture export market remained stable .