Chinese Style Furniture Fair

From 2016 March, China Rosewood Furniture Fair is upgraded and renamed Chinese Style Furniture Fair.

In the past 34 editions of Dongguan 3F Fair, Chinese style furniture always played an important and one of the most active parts in 3F Fair and also in China furniture field. Conforming to the trend of China furniture industry, Dongguan 3F gathered most of the rosewood furniture exhibitors and established a separated Rosewood Furniture Fair. It built up a new milestone in China rosewood furniture history as it became the biggest and the most representative rosewood furniture fair, gathering the most brands and the largest range of products. As the fair furthers its expansion, embracing more brands and more diversified exhibits, and the exhibitors develop their design and products, Dongguan 3F is not limited as the cradle of Rosewood furniture any more. Rosewood furniture, neo-Chinese style furniture and other different styles of Chinese furniture all get well-presented on 3F stage, so Chinese Style Furniture Fair takes the place of the old China Rosewood Furniture Fair, providing a bigger platform for new-designed Chinese furniture.

Chinese Style Furniture Fair attracts the most well-known furniture brands in China, like Youlian, Hongkai, Guoshou, Mingtang, Dongfangbaoding, etc.