Onsite Service


现场服务_03 Registration:
Please approach registration desks located at the main entrance of Hall 1, 4, 9 for registration and get show directory.


现场服务_05 Information Desks:
Inside every hall with visible sign.


现场服务_22 Left Luggage:
Left-luggage service is located at Hall 1 & 4 & 9 near by the registration counter. Service is open during show hours.


 现场服务_28 Onsite Offices:
Located on Hall 1, 3, 4 & 8 for onsite management and coordination, translation and interpretation services are also available.
Hall 3: T-0769-85981990, 85981992, F-0769-85981991
Hall 4-8: T-0769-85981599, 85981799, F-0769-8598179


现场服务_31 VIP Lounge:
Located at the Lobby in Hall 3, show your International Buyer’s Bagde when enter the lounge.


Travel Information Couter:
Located at 1st Floor, Hall 3 (near the police office)