Export Pavilion

In 2014, a 30,000 sqm Export Pavilion made its splashy inaugural in Dongguan 3F. Having export-oriented furniture producers in one centralized location, international buyers can shop with more ease and comfort, and find their target products efficiently. The dedicated International Guest Lounge and Prayer Room are also located in this pavilion. In an effort to build up a showcase and cooperation platform for domestic suppliers and international buyers, export pavilion has become the first stop for International visitors.

Dongguan is the furniture manufacturing center in China, gathering over 2,000 large-scale furnishing enterprises. Furniture producers in Dongguan and surrounding cities produce more than 60% of the overall furnishing products exported from China. Moreover, nearly 70% of the well-known brands from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan attend 3F. International visitors can easily find high-quality and cost-efficient products at the show. Another benefit for international buyers coming to 3F is the high efficiency. Since most of the exhibitors in 3F have their factories within 1 hour’s drive in distance, international buyers could easily visit and inspect the factories after short-listed potential producers in the exhibition before making any significant orders. The whole sourcing procedure could be done within one trip.